May 1, 2014

Ariel's Song Review!

Ariel’s Song
In Bed with the Enemy Series #1
Evie Knight

4 Stars! 

Colin Hoskins, famous classical violinist, is tainted by his past. Angry at life, unable to move beyond the betrayal of his dead fiancĂ©, he’s sworn off performing or falling in love ever again. All Colin wants is to be left alone, except no one listens. Especially the pretty little assistant he can’t fire and his body burns to claim.

Stranded in a foreign country, bankrupted heiress Ariel Parks needs a job to fund her way home. Assistant of sorts to the musician she’s fantasized about for years sounds like a dream job. She never imagined the gorgeous genius would be a reclusive beast. But the real problem is the way every nerve in her body tingles at the mention of his name.

My Thoughts…

This is the debut novel by Evie Knight. The best thing about reviewing books is getting the chance to read books from new authors. And Evie Knight did not disappoint. There was a no nascence feel to the book. We learned about the characters as their relationship grew, which I liked. Within the very first chapter of the book the characters are meeting and the sparks are flying.

Ariel was a different kind of lead for me. She was a rich girl who has never had to work and didn’t mind being that way until she needed to find a job. She made a lot of mistakes through this whole book. The thing I liked though is that when she was caught or realized she made a mistakes she owned up to it and apologized. I loved that she didn’t take any of Colin’s shit either. He was an ass and she, for the most part, always called him on his shit.

Then we have Colin. I wasn’t sure about him at first. In the beginning he was always cold and harsh to Ariel. He was used to being alone and he didn’t want to change now. It was easier to like Colin once you learned more about his past. He was a famous musician that was accused of killing his fiancĂ©e. Being in the media only made the speculation worse. So he found himself hiding from people he didn’t already know and trust. That is until Ariel starting to make her way under his skin. He made a lot of bad choices too and he was constantly trying to make up for them but he always did.

The story really sucks you in. You have so many things going on you can’t really decide where to put your brain. There is Colin and trying to figure out if he did kill his wife. Then you have if he didn’t who did. There is also the explosive chemistry between Ariel and Colin. And that is just some of the things going on in this book.

Overall I thought the book was really great. 

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