May 10, 2014

Finally Mine Review

Finally Mine
Anne Hansen

4 Stars!!! 

An incredible stroke of luck lands Vin Moretti a plea bargain—he spends his summer slaving at a country club instead of rotting in a jail cell. He plans to keep his head down and avoid the trust fund brats.

He never expects to fall for a gorgeous, amazing girl way out of his league.
When Keira McCabe falls in love with Vin Moretti, it’s head-over-heels, crazy, incredible love. She’s sure nothing can ruin what they have…but she has no idea how far Vin will go to protect her from the one thing he’s most afraid of: himself.

Summer ends, and Keira returns to the sprawling suburbs where she belongs, while Vin slinks back to the wrong side of the tracks and his old trouble-making ways. They promise to make long-distance love work.

It’s just dumb luck that her father’s unexpected demotion moves Keira smack in Vin’s gritty neck of the woods. Vin realizes he’ll need do whatever it takes to keep Keira safe—even if it means shutting the person he loves the most out of his dangerous life completely.

When Vin turns his back on Keira at her lowest moment, it finally hits her: she was never going to be anything more than his dirty little secret. Her life as she knows it has been torn to shreds, but she’s determined to make the best of it…with or without the guy she gave her heart to over the summer.

Vin starts to have second thoughts about his decision when he realizes how empty life is without Keira around. The problem is, Keira’s learned her lesson, and she isn’t about to be used again.

Vin realizes he’s going to have to pull out all the stops and turn his life around if he wants to make Keira finally his.

 My Thoughts…

When I first picked this book up I thought I was looking at a contemporary romance or a NA novel, but I wasn’t. This book ended up being a YA romance novel. Which is fine. I love them too. I guess from the story I thought it was going to be with older characters.

Once I figured out what was going on I really liked this book. The characters were interesting, the story line was a new spin on an old story, and the flow of the writing was really good.

I really liked Vin and Keira as a couple. The chemistry they had together was believable and they had to work for it. There were bumps in their road, which makes their love real and stronger than if they had an easy time of it.

Vin was a very frustrating character. He wants to be better but in the beginning he isn’t putting in the work to get there. Vin pushes the one person that can help him be better away and breaks both of their hearts. Personally I hated all the push and pull. It made sense in the story but I felt bad for Keira. She had such a hard time. I am so glad David and his family helped Vin get to where he could be the man he wants to be.

Keira has had a pretty hard couple of years. She lost her mom and all of her money in the matter of two years. She had to move to the wrong side of the tracks but the only good thing is Vin. He makes her happy and completes her until she sees him at school and she breaks it off. Sometimes I wish that she would have made him work harder to prove he wanted her. I mean if I was dumped not once but twice it would take more than a race. Other than that I liked her character. She always tried to see the best in any situation she was in. I loved her racing side too.

David, Lily, and Leo brought comic relief and I loved them. I was a drama geek in High School so reading about people that I grew up with is pretty hilarious. David was probably my favorite. He was the best friend to Keira as well as a really nice person to Vin.

This book is a great pick for the people that have read and enjoyed Perfect Chemistry and that series. I thought that the end was bittersweet but it is what you expect in a YA novel. This is definitely a YA novel that is for mature readers. 
This book isn’t clean so I wouldn’t recommend it to teens under 16 or 17.

There is going to be another one so we will see if she can keep up the greatness!

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