May 17, 2014

Impulsion Review




5 stars!

With a glance Wyatt Doran stole Harley Tatum’s heart. With each summer that passed, touch by touch, they robbed each other’s innocence, birthing a love that was so deep that it scorched within. Without warning, they were ripped from the clutches of each other, placed in lives that were worlds apart. Only to cross paths after a freak accident where Harley’s horse rig was flipped. An accident that Wyatt Doran, from fire station 32, responded.

The tension was immediate, the emotions were raw. One breath told them they were not the same as before, one touch…changed their world.

My Thoughts….

Jamie Magee has completely blown my mind with this book. We all knew she could write in amazing and creative paranormal romance. She has now shown she can write a heartfelt, sexy, and explosive New Adult romance. The characters were amazing, the story was one that you can’t forget, and the writing was flawless as usual.

Harley Tatum.

Harley is living a life that looks perfect from the outside. She is rich, has two caring parents, goes to an exclusive boarding school, and gets to board at a horse farm in the summertime. What people don’t see is that her father is the only one that genuinely cares, her mother is nasty and vindictive, and the only place she can truly be free and happy is Willowhaven farm. The place she found her first and second love, Danny boy and the sexy oldest son Wyatt.

I loved Harley’s character. She was working hard to forget the life that she leaves in New York every summer. She has a nasty mother and she is still a nice and caring person. In the beginning she isn’t strong but I loved watching her character grow into the strong person she was in the end. Sometimes she seemed to care too much what other people thought but Wyatt helped her see what really matters.

Wyatt Doran.

Wyatt Doran is the son of a bull rancher and a famous horse rider. He help both his mother and father around the farm with whatever they need. He seems to have everything a family that genuinely cares about each other, great friends, and an idea where he wants his life to go. Wyatt knows there is something missing. He is slightly wild and likes to take the most dangerous rides. Until Harley walked on to his family farm and everything changed.

I loved Wyatt. He was just so swoon-worthy, definitely right up to the top of my book boyfriend list for sure. All he wanted to do was give Harley everything she wanted in life, as well as keep her safe. Both of them had a bit of a listening/ communication problem but it made their characters real.

Now to the best part of the book., the romance between Wyatt and Harley. Wyatt and Harley have the type of romance that everyone dreams about and very few find. They had a whorl-wind beginning that ended so heartbreakingly in left you in tears. What neither of them realized is that they were both fighting their way back to each other but I like to think that fate wanted to see them change as people so that they could have the love affair that everyone dreams about. When their romance starts as teenagers they know it’s different from so many others. Their love collides and becomes this epic, all-consuming love that either can deny or hide.  

The flow of this story is perfect. Usually you get flashbacks to the beginning or you get some hints and you have to guess, but Jamie Magee gives you the beginning and the tragic end of their summer romance. You see the characters go through the bumps and bruises of life and come out better people. You get the perfect balance of characters that you can love with all of your heart and also dislike with everything you have.

This book will pull you in, make you remember your first love, live through Wyatt and Harley’s love affair, and it will make you live every moment until the book has ended. And what a great ending it was! Pick this book up the minute it comes out. You will not regret it! I promise.

This book comes out May 19th...Click the goodreads link (at the top) and put it on your TBR list right away.

I will post links when it is released!

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