May 12, 2014

California Thyme Review

California Thyme
Casey Dawes
3 Stars! 

Mandy Parker doesn’t want to turn out like her mother, an aging actress desperate for the love of the crowd. Avoiding anything Hollywood related is vital for Mandy’s sanity; however, a bad economy forces her to take a job catering to a movie crew.

Since the woman he’d loved married his best friend, James Lubbock has put women far behind his career in the movie business. The assistant caterer is attractive, but he’s more focused on figuring out who’s sabotaging his set.

Sparks fly between Mandy and James, but can they overcome their painful pasts to risk a chance on love?

My Thoughts…

This was an enjoyable quick read. I thought that the flow of the book was really great. There wasn’t much confusion and it was easy to follow. This book became a page turner once Dawes got you hooked in the story. This was a clean contemporary romance novel, not something that you can find very often. I don’t have anything against sex scene…Love ‘em but sometimes it’s nice to read a clean read.

The characters are where I had some of my problems. I understand that they each had their own past and problems but I at some point it got old with them being on the fence through the whole book. I like to see at least a little of the couple being an actual couple and 85% into the book Mandy was still on the fence about almost everything in her life. She did want to make a risky decision. I respect that I just didn’t get enough of them as a couple.

Other than I that I thought the book was really interesting and a great read. James is not the typical Hollywood lead we would read about. He isn’t rich and he isn’t the boss or anything. He is still working his way up to his goals. Mandy is still so confused about what she wants from life but the only things that make her feel alive anymore are James and the new job as a movie caterer. I really liked the other characters. They helped both protagonists through some situations and decisions and they were great friends.

This book was a good read and I would recommend it to anyone that loves a quick, fun and clean romance.

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