May 3, 2014

Throbbing Hearts Review!

Throbbing hearts 1
Sabrina lacey

3.5 stars!!!

Brendan Clark is single for the first time in four years. Not only that, but he's standing right behind Annie. Close enough to touch...

He's decided women can't be trusted and Annie's got blocks of her own. She's hiding from the world and wonders why it doesn't see her. But when two destined hearts meet, they recognize each other, even if they're not ready.
Throbbing Hearts, while having a subtle name, is indeed for mature audiences. But there is no brutality or nastiness of any kind. As with all of Sabrina Lacey's books, the characters are real, endearing, often hilarious, and very, very heartfelt. Be warned. Be very, very warned. You're about to fall in love.

My thoughts…

This story was interesting. We meet Brendan and he has decided to go for hook-ups because he had just gone through a horrible break-up. He starts to go to parties again and hook-up with random girls. He seems to look right through Annie. He sees her best friend and immediately looks past Annie. He is kind of a tool about it. I get a broken heart and everything but treating women that way is never ok. I do feel bad for him though. The way his character is treated really isn’t fair. It is funny to me that he feels something when he looks at Annie but he is going to ignore it. Like every male out there lol.

Annie has been in love with the same guy since her freshmen year of college. The only problem is he doesn’t know she exists. She is a goth wearing hopeless romantic. She is sarcastic and a huge smart-ass. I actually liked her character a whole lot. She was honest and had high morals. I thought that she was very brave too, which you won’t see until the end of the book.

The writing flowed really well. I liked the fun little messages at the top of the page. They just held little details the author could have put in the book but I thought it was fun to read them before the chapter. The problem I had with the book was that the story really didn’t go anywhere. We met them and that is about it. We didn’t get any romance between the two of them. It felt more like a prequel novella than an actual novel. Other than that I really liked the book.  

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