May 24, 2014

Moments in Time Novellas (review)

Entangled Moments

(Moments In Time #1)
Dori Lavelle
3.5 Stars!!!

A deadly accident can take a life in more than one way.

Four years ago, Carlene Adams made a deadly mistake. A tragic accident derailed the future she'd hoped for, taking the life of the man she'd planned to spend forever with.

As a self-imposed penance for her solitary sin, Carlene has given up on every dream she ever had. She has committed to spend every remaining moment trying to make up for that one instance when everything changed.

Then she gets a second chance.

When Carlene meets Nick Johnson, the single kiss they share awakens the desires she shoved aside for so long. Suddenly she wants more than what she believe she deserves. Will she ever see him again?

A thing of fate.

Leaving the life she built on regret, Carlene waits for fate to intervene. But just as she begins to believe in a fresh start, she's forced to realize a horrible truth—one with the power to send her second chance crashing before it even takes off.

Nick isn't who she thought he was. She isn't the girl he believed her to be, either. Their lives were intertwined even before they met, and if Carlene tells him the truth, she’ll risk tearing them apart—for good.

**Due to sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.**

My thoughts…

“There’s nothing wrong with admiring something you love. Or owning it. In fact, if you wish for something hard enough, it might just come to you.”

This was a really sweet novella. It was love at first sight with a twist.

Carlene has not had an easy life, but she has worked hard and she is now somewhat happy. She moved out of the shelter she was staying in, she has a good job, a great apartment, and she has found someone new she wants to spend her life with. Until everything comes crashing down.

I thought this story was really interesting. We know that her fiancĂ© has died and she blamed herself but we are not sure exactly how it happened and if she was really to blame for it. Her character was one that was learning how to be happy again. She wasn’t entirely sure she ever would be again but she was doing it.

Nick is a hotshot millionaire that kisses random women in not really. (You’ll get it when you read it.) Anyway he has lost a brother that he had just found after being separated. He is engaged to someone else but cannot get Carlene out of his head. We don’t really know much about him in this book. He actually isn’t in much of it.

I enjoyed the book but I felt that the love story was a little rushed. They had one night together and a couple meetings. I am as much a hopeless romantic as the next person but I felt this was a little too fast for me. They were mentioning love already, I mean really?

Anyway the pace of the book was really good for the novella and other than the romance the flow worked really well. I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to see what is in store for this couple in the next novellas!!!


Rekindled Moments

(Moments In Time #2)
Dori Lavelle
3 Stars!!!

The truth will always find a way out.

Carlene Adams' new life has been an illusion, her newfound joy just for rent. The life she craves can't really belong to a girl who is responsible for someone's death.

Her greatest fear has been realized. Nick Johnson, her second chance at love, has discovered her true identity and disappeared from her life.

She will need to find a way to move on without Nick. But the memories of their time together haunt her relentlessly. As Serendipity's Businessman of the Year, his face is everywhere—in magazines, on the television screen, and behind her eyelids. Soon, rumors about her past cause her life to spin out of control, and she finds herself even further from her dreams.

But Carlene is good at hiding from the past. She's done it once before. She can do it again. She can leave her hometown and begin again somewhere new. But she can't move on without telling Nick the truth about the life he thinks she took, and everything that came before.

** Due to sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. **

My thoughts…

This book starts after the ending of the first one. Carlene is trying to put her life back together after Nick walked out on her. This book is about forgiveness and moving on into happiness.

I liked the first book a lot more than I liked this one. Carlene starts to lose everything because she can’t keep her emotions off her face after what happened with Nick. I felt for her. Everyone started to blame her for things that she didn’t even do. I really liked that she had the courage to move away from everything she has ever known. She didn’t end up doing it but she was willing and that made her a strong person in my eyes.

I thought Nick was kind of a tool in some of this book. I mean he accuses her of a lot of things without hearing her out even though he “loved” her. I’m glad he finally decided to check into the actual report before he let her walk away from her forever. He finally got his head on straight and went to save her from the press. I feel like he got off easy in the apology department but that is just me.

The couple’s chemistry in this book is amazing. They feel it and it is so strong you can feel it as you read the book. It can’t be denied how much they love each other. I am really glad that they got their happy ending.

If you are in the mood for a short romantic read this is the book for you. This book was full of sweet romantic moments that will feed that romantic itch.

I can’t wait to read Melisa’s story!!!



Bittersweet Moments
(Moments In Time #3)
Dori Lavelle

Can the embers of an old life ignite the flames of a new love?

Six years ago, Melisa Bergfeld’s husband died. As the grief of losing him tore into her, she lost his last gift to her—their unborn child—and her hopes and dreams turned to ashes.

Left with a life she no longer wants, she seeks salvation in a homeless shelter. For a while, that’s more than enough.

But when a fire breaks out, in walks the man who will try to save her life—if she’ll let him.

Florian “Heat” Dane has left behind a trail of broken hearts in his wake, including pieces of his own. For all the girls he’s used to fill the hole in his heart, there has been just one he could never erase from his memories. But when Melisa married his best friend Scott Bergfeld, he knew she would never be his the way she’d been the one unforgettable night they spent together. Now that she’s back in his life, he will do anything to recapture her heart, even if it means giving away his own.

Heat still has the power to ignite passion in Melisa, something she both desires and rejects. He’s a known heartbreaker, and if there is one thing Melisa doesn’t need, it’s another crack in her heart. But when he confesses his love for her, she fears her secrets from the past will surface. And she might be the one to break his heart this time.

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