May 1, 2014

Gerard's Quest Review

Gerard’s quest
In bed with the enemy #2
Evie knight

3.5 stars!!

Gérard Laurent has spent the past five years searching for a lost family heirloom. He’s tired of all the clues leading him nowhere and just when he fears he’s run out of leads his lover’s archenemy presents him with a lead he can’t turn down.

Brokenhearted by his actions, Julianne is determined to make his life miserable any way she can. Revenge is bittersweet but she succeeds until the tables are turned. Gérard steals a kiss reawakening her feelings for him, only he still won’t apologize.

Julianne is ready to forget Gérard when a notorious art thief offers her a painting she fancies in exchange for Gérard’s amulet. It’ll be the ultimate payback if she accepts it.

Will love conquer all?

My Thoughts…

This book was a quick read that had you guessing. The love between Julianne and Gerard is complicated and sometimes dangerous but they get to find out if their love can handle any problem life throws at them. They have been in love since they were kids and only had been officially together for a year before it was tested the first time. After that Gerard was going to try anything and everything to get her back because he loved her.

I didn’t like this book as much as I like the first one. I guess some of the things that happened to Gerard and Jules seemed unnecessary to me. The thing that happened with Zoe, I feel Jules blew way out of proportion but that is just me. Other than that I liked Jules’ character. She was strong for the most part. She was also easily manipulated by A.J. I’m glad she finally got over her issues and started to trust Gerard again.

I liked Gerard’s character. He really cared about Julianne even when we saw what happened with Zoe he cared about her. I hated how Jules seemed to be playing with him. She wasn’t but it looked that way for a lot of the book. He was so sweet and caring when it came to anything about Jules, and a lot of the time I thought she didn’t deserve it.

Despite all of their relationship issues the story was really interesting. This whole thing with the amulet left you guessing. Especially when AJ came on the scene. The chemistry between the two was steamy and it made the book even better.

Over all the book was enjoyable and I can’t wait to read something else from this author.

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